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Professional Cleaning Services

Whiteoaks offer professional driveway and patio cleaning services throughout Bromsgrove, Worcester and Solihull. We use a high-pressure water spray in order to remove any moss, mud or dirt from the surface of your patio or driveway. With decades of experience, we carry out our cleaning work to a high standard, leaving your driveway completely spotless.

If your driveway suffers from moss, weeds, algae, lichen or any other kind of dirt a professional pressure cleaning job will make a world of difference.

Pressure Cleaning
Pressure Cleaning

We make sure to invest in the best and latest pressure cleaning equipment, able to pump water at pressures as high as 30,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). Regardless of the material or style of your patio or driveway our equipment, skills and vast experience ensure that we can restore your paving, leaving it in pristine condition.

Pressure Cleaning
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